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One more step forward

Our consistent movement to improving work with customers, understanding of their needs and problems enabled us to approach the end of year 2016 showing good progress in our business.

This fact was reflected not only with the increased number of agricultural producers trusting in us, but also with a high interest taken by world-known foreign manufacturers in cooperation with our company.

Such an attention could not stay unnoticed and, even more, – allowed us to make some successful steps forward.

Thus, the International Agro-Industrial Forum YUGAGRO 2016 that was held on 23-26 November 2016 in Homel, Belarus, has been attended by Demian Sushko - Commercial Director of Agrotechspektr LLC.

With his personal involvement the company has come to an important event in its business: signing dealership agreement with Beinlich company (Germany), leading international manufacturer of irrigation systems and pumping units.

Besides, the cooperation agreement with another German company has been reached – Geringhoff, world leader in production of maize and sunflower headers.

Henceforward, with our help you have a great opportunity to get top-quality German machinery at competitive price, at first hand.



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One more step forward


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